Allstream Energy Solutions Limited is involved in establishing, operating and managing day-to-day operations of a telecom operator’s network towards a sustainable network operation. In our efficiencies, we guarantee 99% network availability 24/7 each month. Responsibilities are automatically assumed where services are below expectation.

The core areas of our competence:

Active Maintenance/Deployment

We have a team of experts in the areas of deployment and maintenance of transmission equipment and our footprints are all over Nigeria in conjunction with our partners. Our services include

  • Transmission System (Microwave & Vsat) Deployment/Maintenance
  • RF / BTS (2G, 3G) Deployment/Maintenance
  • RF / BTS (4G & 5G) Deployment/Maintenance


Passive Maintenance/Deployment

Our passive services cover a wide range of scope and we have over time demonstrated technical competence in deployment and excellent maintenance service delivery.

Our major partners are MTNN (Past), Huawei Technologies Limited and American Tower Company Limited (Present). The various services here include:

Generator / Rectifiers / Batteries Deployment/Maintenance
Grid Power ATS / ACDB/DCDB Deployment/Maintenance
Cooling System (AC) Deployment/ Maintenance
Solar Panel Deployment/Maintenance
Network System Integration and Maintenance
Remote Monitoring System Maintenance


Fiber Deployment and Maintenance

AES has been in this business over the years and gaining more experiences for the delight of clients ranging from deployment to maintenance of Backbone, Metro, NFEs/FTTH optical fiber infrastructure. We have deployed over 2,500Km fiber segments/routes and currently managing over 3,500Km fiber segments / routes across of the federation. Our services include;

  • Optical Fiber Infrastructure (BB/Metro/NFE/FTTH) Deployment
  • Optical Fiber Infrastructure (BB/Metro/NFE/FTTH) Maintenance
  • Enhanced Patrolling Services for Snag Identification and Closure
  • Supply of Optical Fiber Cables and Other Consumables.


Preventive Maintenance:

Our preventive maintenance efficiency ensures that routine maintenance of all sites’ equipment is carried out periodically in accordance with technical specifications. This guarantees not only the equipment’s lifespan but also ensure equipment sets remain functional during periods of challenges when sites cannot be accessed. Our teams of engineers carry out regular inspection of facilities for early detection of faults and correction to avoid total breakdown.

Reactive Maintenance:

Where breakdowns become unavoidable, we ensure good response time, not exceeding one hour in most cases. We stock original parts that enable us meet up with replacements at all times. We further ensure the use of quality multi-grade lubricant.